Raspberry Shake Features
  • Earthquakes happen all the time! The Earth is always in motion. Now you can see it!
  • Each Raspberry Shake is carefully put together by our experts and built with industrial quality hardware
  • Watch the Earth’s vibrations right from your home or office in real time!
  • Monitor earthquakes and other Earth movements happening right beneath your feet
  • Easily record local earthquakes that you actually felt
  • Record earthquakes magnitude 2 and up within a radius of around 50 miles (80 km)
  • Record earthquakes magnitude 4 and up within a radius of around 250 miles (400 km)
  • Watch larger magnitude earthquakes roll in from half-way across the world. You won't feel these but your Raspberry Shake will!
  • Record earthquakes with vanishingly small magnitudes imperceptible to your human senses but easily seen with your Raspberry Shake.
  • Monitor and analyze the data from any other Raspberry Shake in the global network (there are hundreds).
  • Check out our Android app and get instant earthquake updates on your phone
  • Become a citizen scientist, make a difference and share your data with seismic observatories worldwide
  • Connect directly with your Raspberry Shake to view a live graphic feed of the Earth’s vibrations
  • Create or use interpretation software to better understand what is happening around you
Raspberry Shake

Don’t be fooled by the size and the price of the Raspberry Shake. This little unit has some serious technology behind it.

So what makes the Raspberry Shake different from the $50,000+ USD seismographs used by the scientists at your local geophysical institute?

The difference really comes down to two things:

Focus on local earthquakes. We created the Raspberry Shake with local and regional seismic events in mind. Whereas the uber expensive solutions referenced above can exploit big worldwide or "teleseismic" events to study the structure of the Earth, Raspberry Shake focuses on events that affect you and your community. Though, much to our surprise, many Shakers are actually able to detect large magnitude earthquakes from anywhere on the planet!

Focus on fast, accurate earthquake locations. The Raspberry Shake allows for high station density, low cost earthquake monitoring. And in seismology, station DENSITY MATTERS. The more Raspberry Shakes there are in the world, the faster and more accurate the earthquake locations. As the Raspberry Shake Community grows, we hope to be able to detect every felt earthquake in the world, something that is currently impossible. Join us as a citizen seismologist and help us usher in a new age for seismology!

Uses & Applications

Raspberry Shake pictures

Are you a maker, creator, hobbyist or someone who just loves gadgets?

There are soooo many cool things you can do with your Raspberry Shake. These days so many people seem to have a Raspberry Pi lying around collecting dust, waiting for something awesome they can do with it… Well here’s your chance!

You too can use the same equipment many researchers and citizen scientists are using to better understand changes in our eco systems such as the melting of the ice caps, landslides, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. And as the Earth is always in motion due to our human footprint... You will even get to see the “human” impact happening right around you!

It's fun to make, fun to program, and fun to watch the Earth moveeeeee!

What can you do with your Raspberry Shake?

There is so much you can do with your Raspberry Shake, for the novice and for the more advanced user.

For the novice, as soon as you are set up, you can start watching the Earth move and see if you can identify any patterns with local factors. These may include seeing spikes as your neighbor's head out to work, traffic, construction and, of course, tremors and earthquakes or even volcanic eruptions!

Raspberry Shake Swarm animation

For the advanced user, there are tons of things you can jump into, from building your own enclosure to using / creating interpretation software to better understand what is happening around you – Whether it is to analyze tremors and earthquakes, or construction work, your washing machine’s spin cycles, local shale frak-ing and deep-well injection activities (hello Oklahoma!) and even football (soccer) games!

Our aim has been to make this type of professional seismic monitoring accessible to anyone with an interest. For that reason we have made certain that the data your Raspberry Shake produces is in the same format as the earthquake industry standard. This is called miniSEED. At the same time we have been careful to ensure that you can easily display and read this data on your own computer. Sharing the data with other Shakers is also simple.

When the vibrations of the earth (seismic vibrations) are recorded on your Raspberry Shake, the wiggly lines produced are displayed in 24-hour plots commonly known among seismologists as helicorder plots. The image below shows an example of the type of helicorder plot you can set up on your own computer.

In the image below you can see several small earthquakes. Once you know what to look for, identifying earthquakes and other patterns is easy.

Display Software

When your Raspberry Shake arrives, one of the first things to do is setup the display software we recommend, called SWARM. It is completely free to download and use and was actually developed by the United States Geological Survey (USGS).

Raspberry Shake Helicorder Mode

The figure to the left shows the graphical user interface that has been produced by the SWARM program. What you see is 24 hours of continuous data. The red indicators show where certain user-selectable limits were exceeded and represent small earthquakes. The expanded section shows a local earthquake of around magnitude 3, about 18 miles (or 30 km) away.

The Raspberry Shake will allow you to monitor ground motion live from your computer. You can record many days of motion to review in 24-hour plots on a single screen and examine in detail any part of the recording.

Raspberry Shake pictures

The image to the right shows how your Raspberry Shake roughly compares to a ~$50,000 professional seismograph. The upper expanded image is from a Raspberry Shake and the lower expanded image is from a Nanometrics Trillium Compact broadband sensor connected to a Kenda Earthdata digitizer. Both charts show the same local earthquake.

Being able to detect earthquakes like this is simply remarkable. Just a few years ago it was possible with massive investments that only governments and universities could afford to make. Raspberry Shake now brings this ability to everyone.

See your Shake in Action alongside the rest of the Raspberry Shake Community in the Station View.

Have you ever imagined seeing the latest earthquake events directly from your phone or computer? Now it's possible with EQ View.