On a Volcano!

Our main offices are located in Panama, actually On a Volcano, (the Baru Volcano). The volcano and broader tectonic setting produce dozens of earthquakes every week, helping us to fine-tune Raspberry Shake.

OSOP is On a Volcano, the Baru Volcano

OSOP, the maker of Raspberry Shake, has been developing, installing and supporting specialized earthquake monitoring systems for over a decade. Our hardware and software help geophysical institutes around the world monitor earthquake activity.


Our Company OSOP, S.A won the National Prize for Business Innovation, SENACYT, Panama.

Raspberry Shake won the National Prize for Business Innovation
Raspberry Shake won the National Prize for Business Innovation. Click here to get more info. Picture credit: SENACYT.

Best Kickstarter I have backed thus far. So much fun, such a great community, astonishingly great support.


Angel and team,
This is a amazing unit and your Kickstarter campaign, the results you have shown and your continued and excellent support are nothing short of amazing.

I didn't think it would work near as well as it has, I think I've picked up the quake off the cost of California coast, one this morning in Washington and possibly the 7.8 in the Solomon Islands. I didn't know there was so many quakes! I have lots of tall trees around the site here and yesterdays windstorm showed prominently in the data too.

Thank you and keep up the great work. Can’t wait for software and hardware improvements in the future.


This was my best Kickstarter project yet! This team kept communicating with backers and delivered promptly. Their online support snd community is very responsive. Kudos to your Shake Team!

Melissa Green

First up, I want to say a huge, massive congratulations to the whole RaspberryShake team!!

I am a big Kickstarter fan and have backed more projects than I can remember and this one has been amazing from start to finish!

Well done everyone, well done.

Ben Orchard

Huge thanks for the Raspberry Shake team for a great product and congratulations on a very successful KickStarter campaign.

Mauri Niininen

I HAVE LIGHTS!! I have readings!! Its working!!! SO SO HAPPY!! Thank you!!...... Thank you for all the support!!! The Raspberry Shake Team is fantastic!!


The Shake really is the gift that keeps on giving.


Congratulations. Well deserved and great recognition of the hard work, initiative and creativity of the OSOP team.


Our Team

The team at OSOP is made up of earthquake, computer and electronics professionals from many different parts of the world. None of the company’s achievements would have been made possible without the incredible skills of all of these individuals. Their ability to go above and beyond, and the quality of work they produce is inspiring.

The driving force behind this dynamic and diverse team are the owners Ángel Rodríguez and Branden Christensen. Ángel has an insatiable thirst for inventing. He is like the MacGyver of seismic instrumentation and is constantly surprising us with his amazing new creations.

Branden is a professional seismologist with almost a supernatural ability to make things happen. When the wheels start moving this is a ride you definitely don’t want to miss! Together they are revolutionising the seismic industry. What was once only accessible to organizations with near unlimited budgets, is now accessible to anyone who is interested!

The Raspberry Shake Team